Do you have the right marketing and communication plan which are aligned to the new normal? If not, what do you need to catch -up? We have pulled together some ideas and tips which would help the brands. Let's have a look.

We have been facing complex and challenging times in the tourism sector globally, and like everyone, learning to adapt day by day. The current situation has forced us to rethink and redevelop our marketing strategies, it's definitely no more a comfort zone. However, we have collated some ideas to consolidate effective marketing strategies that adapt to the new normal.

1. Understand your Buyer Persona

This is very important to always look and listen to your buyer persona to verify that the information you are gathering is still relevant. If there has not been a regular review, the target may have evolved. It is about reflecting on these buyer personas and assessing new segments that can be connected with the brand. Therefore, a regular review and understanding of the buyer and aligning your message and campaign accordingly has key importance to optimize investments and increase the probability of a successful campaign.

2. Personalized Message

We are going through a time of economic insecurity, which is in turn affecting consumer behaviour and pattern. People are finding themselves traveling less, staying close to home-away-from busy places, or opting for flexible accommodation. At this time, it is very important to create a personalized message and campaign that strongly connects with the target audience and their preferences and design campaigns that are much more localized and segmented.

Grab - ATTENTION | Develop - INTEREST | Keep -INSPIRED | Create - DESIRE

3. Be True and Simple

During uncertainty, it is always better to see a familiar face. This is the time to maintain your brand values, image, communication style, and tone and reflect trustworthiness as always. Try to curate campaigns to strengthen the fundamental values that characterize the brand and keep it as natural as possible.

Avoid making big changes in the brand and approach to ensure that users recognize the brand easily.

4. Focus on Video Content Marketing

To showcase your destination or a product as exciting and attractive, video content is the best idea. It also helps to share a realistic experience with the audience that eventually influences them to travel.

Creating short and mid-length videos around different themes, attractions, and inspirational campaigns will always be helpful to keep your audience enthusiastic and positive to travel in the near future.

5. Communicate more than ever

This is the time to communicate clear and close messages. During this phase, communicate to your audience the regular updates, new travel policies, big announcements from the tourism authority or the government, special offers, etc. This will help them to connect well and build trust in your brand.

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